About Our Classes and Programs

The Health Oriented Classes include Tai Chi, Ba Gua, Qi Gong and Hsing Yi as their base.  The safe and progressive physical nature of these classes provides students with an opportunity to address many health needs and reduce stress.

The classes have no sparring requirements, but there are many mini-workshops so that a practitioner can learn how a technique works in a very safe environment. The classes are always engaging as you are learning, while at the same time, keeping your blood and breath moving, improving balance, and helping you stay lean and tone. With every class a sense of calmness and fun are sought.

KungFu and Practical Martial Arts Classes are for those who want to progressively understand the Chinese Martial Arts that are based in Shaolin, Northern and Southern Styles and Lama Pai- Hop Gar KungFu.  These classes are used by military, para-military roles such as bodyguards, law enforcement and prison guards.

The systems are progressively objective based, so you can follow a curriculum that is culturaly oriented such as Choy Li Fut or Original Yang TaiJi Chuan.  There are also regular classes that are ‘style free’, where the students focus on hand-to-hand and weapons of opportunity in a strategically based class setting.

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Meditation is included in many of our health based classes. It is not a requirement, but it is encouraged. There are also classes exclusively designed for anyone to begin or continue their practice. These are non-secondary committment styles of meditation.

You can practice the benefits of relaxating, calming, centering, focusing, awareness and visualization meditation without making any other changes to your lifestyle.

Kids Martial Arts is an important part of our center.  Many children we see have special needs. We work with them in private lessons to meet their individual needs and work them toward working together with others. 

Our Young Dragon Program is designed with monthly emphasis on characteristics such as Leadership, Communication, Respect and Effort. The program addresses modern concerns that most education system can no longer address and includes Self-Protection and Stop-Bullying techniques.

Self Defense Classes is where you will learn tested and effective techniques to keep yourself and people you care for safe.  Our expert instructors work closely with local police and regularly researches the newest recommendations from respected sources in the field of self protection.

You will learn beside other fine people, gain confidence and empowerment along the way.  The highly skilled instructors will be there to answer your questions and guide you through the challenges you face as you progress in your training.

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